Each academic year a high school senior has the opportunity to apply for a $1,500 scholarship. TSO created the scholarship to honor the memory of deceased members and to further promote the importance of organ, eye and tissue donor awareness through a community service project. High school aged people are asked the question of donation when applying for a Learner's Permit/ Driver's License. We believe the concept of donation is a timely and relevant topic for them at this time.

Here are links to the TSO Memorial Scholarship Application  You will find the criteria for eligibility here. If a student is interested, they need to develop or participate in an educational or public service initiative relating to organ, eye and tissue donation. Some types of projects a student could do are contained in the attached file TSO DonateLifeCampaignIdeas which was created by the organ procurement organization based in Buffalo, NY.

 TSO Scholarship Flyer  is available for posting.

Should you require any additional information, please contact Nancy Block.

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  • The TSO Scholarship - 

TSO believes very strongly in the future. After all, TSO’s members have been given a future through the gift of donation. And part of that future is the TSO Scholarship, awarded to a high school senior who has promoted organ donation and registration through an activity the senior has created. TSO has awarded scholarships for the last 3 years to some outstanding high school seniors. Our award ceremony takes place in June of each year. We thought you would be interested in knowing how our award winners are doing. 

    • 2013 - Christian Falco 
    • 2014 – Joseph Panzarino 
    • 2015 – Brianna Barker
  • Christian Falco - 2013 Scholarship Winner

Transplant Support Organization (TSO) awards its 2013 Memorial Scholarship to Christian Falco, a student at Westlake High School, Thornwood, New York. Christian and his family are residents of Valhalla, NY. The Scholarship is given to honor the memory of members of TSO who were transplant recipients. Christian received his award at a TSO meeting on June 19, 2013.

Christian’s grandmother, Carol Johnson, is a transplant recipient and inspired Christian to become involved with promoting public awareness for organ donation and registration on the New York State DonateLife donor registry. Christian “educated the educators” by setting up a table at the Superintendent’s staff meeting, and distributing information about organ donation to the teachers.

Besides his support for organ donation, Christian is an outstanding student, Eagle Scout, and track and lacrosse participant.

His grandparents, Carol and George Johnson, live in Valhalla, NY. Christian and his grandparents are shown below.

Christian and his grandparents George and Carol Johnson

  • Joseph Panzarino - 2014 Scholarship Winner 

Joseph Panzarino was a senior at Somers High School in 2014 when TSO awarded him its scholarship. Joseph was a member of the town fire squad and staged an accident in the parking lot where organ donation was discussed. 

Joseph is in his second year at the Maritime College. He studies naval architecture and is doing his coursework for a bachelor of engineering. He sails every summer and is working toward his Engine License, allowing him to become an officer in the Merchant Marine.

Christian and his grandparents George and Carol Johnson

  • Brianna Barker – 2015 Scholarship Winner 

Brianna Barker attended Washingtonville High School in Orange County. After graduating, Brianna went on to Penn State, where she is finishing up her first year. Brianna created a video that she submitted to TSO showing her story along with the story of her donor. 

And from Veronica Barker, Brianna’s mother: “Brianna is doing wonderful!! She is a freshman at Penn State/University Park campus, majoring in immunology & infectious disease. She entered as a pre vet major but through her studies she has developed a passion for immunology as she's been able to apply her coursework to her life experience. Her immunology studies this year have enabled her to get an in depth understanding of anti rejection medicines and how a transplant affects a recipient's immune system, and she hopes to make a positive impact in this field in the future. We are all so grateful for organ donation which has made all of Brianna's accomplishments possible. Brianna will always be honored to have been selected as a TSO scholarship recipient, and will continue to strive to make TSO proud of her achievements.“ 

Here is the link to Youtube for the video that Brianna created: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT5QoupTl3s

Christian and his grandparents George and Carol Johnson

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